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  • First consultation
  • Proposal
  • Accept
  • Arrival
  • Treatment and follow-up
  • Departure


After contacting us for help with medical care, we’ll ask you a few questions to better understand your needs. We will need a summary of you’re medical history and a description of any previous medical treatment in english. The results from any previous procedures or tests should also be provided, such as x-rays or laboratory tests. The medical history should be provided by a specialized doctor or clinic who can describe what needs to be done.


After recieving your medical history, we will find the best possible hospital or clinic in Sweden to review you’re case. We will then provide you with a proposed treatment plan and cost analysis.


If you choose to accept the propsed treatment plan, a legally binding contract will be created in cooperation with a local legal counsal or agent. Payment will be requested in advance since all clinics we cooperate with require advance payment.


While we review your case, you can save time by preparing for your trip and procedure. You may need proof of insurance, passport, photo, documentation etc.


On arrival, we will make sure someone meets you at the airport who speaks and understands your language. You will then be transported to your hotel, appartment or directly to the hospital. If you need help with a translator, this will provided for you. We will also provide you with a swedish sim-card for your mobil phone to make communication easier and faster. You will also receive a personal dictionary in your language to help you communicate. In most languages, we also have a list of common expressions that you can use to better communicate your needs to medical staff.


When you are admitted to the hospital, the staff will ask you some questions regarding you medical history and current medical situation. These questions will include any medication, allergies, hereditary diseases, dietary requirements and any other relevant information. You will also recieve a wristband with you name and identification number. Exocare will be in frequent contact with the treating hospital to monitor your progress and prepare your journey home.


If you would like to stay a few extra days in Sweden to visit any turist destinations, we can assist you with accomodations.


Exocare will prepare your return trip and book your flights. Your personal assistant will follow you all the way to Arlanda Airport and make sure you get on your flight safely.

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